Dr. Craig Liebenson vol II.

FPM-TRAIN: Building capacity and the trainable menu

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Advance Training & 3D FITNESS ACADEMY presents

Dr. Craig Liebenson vol II.

First Principles of Movement – TRAIN: Building capacity and the trainable menu

Dr. Liebenson is coming back to  Czech Republic to present another part of  the First Principles of Movement concept called TRAIN – Building capacity and the trainable menu. In the middle of November, you can be part of the  3-day conference  lead by  Dr. Liebenson and his international team.

15. – 17. 11. 2019

Dr. Liebenson brings 3-days full of top class inspiration. The conference ig going to be divided into two parts.

Advance Training (AT) & 3DFITNESS ACADEMY (3DFA)



  • Perform a needs analysis
  • Assess fundamental movement patterns
  • Program GPP – General Physical Preparation
  • Build a trainable menu
  • Progress & amp; regress within each menu
  • Bridge the gap from current capacity to required demands
  • Incorporate load management
  • Troubleshoot rehab issues & performance issues

Key Learnings

  • Movement Prep Immersion
  • The 4 Key Principles for Efficient, Precision Results
  • Active learning: Small group problem-solving for the 6 Fundamental Patterns
  • 3 Progression Levels – rehab (1); intermediate (2); Performance (3)
  • Workshop: Squats; Deadlifts/hinge; Lunge – 1 leg bias; Push – vertical & horizontal; Pull – vertical & horizontal; Carry/locomotion

  • Load management/under-preparation basics
  • Threat management/over-protection basics
  • Dynamic Systems Theory, motor learning & skill acquisition
  • Gamification & ecological valid constraints – based training
  • A humble approach for uncertainty: being prepared for Plan B
  • Developing an agile approach: How methods & systems lead to principles & assimilation
  • Case management



15. - 17. 11. 2019
9:00 – 18:00
LOCATION: 3D FITNESS ACADEMY, Veletržní 61, Prague, Czech Republic


Dr. Craig Liebenson 15.-17.11.
700 EUR




Conference is led in English language

Storno: If cancelled 30 days (and more) prior to the conference, the whole amount is returned. After that, no cancelation is allowed and fee will not be returned. It is however possible to change the registration to another person.

Dr. Craig Liebenson

  • Founder and director of the L.A. Sports and Spine Center (LASS)
  • He worked as team chiropractor for the NBA Los Angeles Clippers
  • First chiropractor of the Board of Directors for The McKenzie Institute in USA
  • Working with athletes – professional and amateur – from a wide variety sports
  • First health care provider in California to receive recognition status from the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s Back Pain Recognition Program
  • Author and editor of Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Practitioner’s ManualFunctional Training Handbook

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